25 Jul 2011 @ 9:06 PM 

My new beer brewing stand is getting so close I can almost taste the home brew.

All of the hard plumbing of the gas lines has been completed and tested. The gas valve and pilot light works as expected. After I tightened the pilot light compression fitting the brewing stand seems leak free!

I have completed the based for the top tier and secured it in place.

So… What’s left?  I need to complete the design for the easy dump top tier.  I am developing something a bit different than the tipsy dump. If all goes well, it will function a bit smoother.

I need to mount the pump and also intend on adding a longer propane “in” hose.




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  1. tomfooter says:

    You’ve done a great job on this stand! Is there any way you would share some of the general dimensions with me? I work in a welding shop, and I probably won’t be using the exact same dimension mateials you used, but if i could get some outside and general dimensions and clearances, i would surely appreciate it. Thanks again, and Great Job!

  2. gbrewer says:

    Sure. Check back tomorrow and I will have something posted for you.

  3. tomfooter says:

    Thanks! I’ll probably be using some 1/4″ x 2″ x 2″ Square Tubing on mine (some scrap we have here in the shop). I’m sure mine won’t look as nice as yours, but I hope it to be functional. I’ll be using (3) Banjo Burners on mine. Did you (or do you plan to) install any type of wind shield around them? Just curious.

  4. gbrewer says:


    I used 1 inch x 2 inch steel. The overall length of the stand is 42 inches. The width of the stand is 19 inches. If I were to build it again, I would make it 17 inches wide. The measured the top of the three levels from the bottom up. Top being the platform the kettle would sit on. Level one is at 16 inches from the ground up, level two is at 24 inches from the ground up, and level three is 48 inches from the ground up. The kettle platform is roughly a square. If I were to build this again, the platform squares would be 17 inches by 17 inches. (It would shorten the overall length of the stand)

    I built a heat shield out of standard sheet metal from home depot. You can also consider the following link for the banjo burner heat shield.

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